Web solutions


Complex web solutions

We develop websites that enhance not only sales, but also the authority of your business

Websites and landing pages development

Websites and landing pages development

━ modern creative landing pages and business cards

━ multifunctional online stores

━ sites on Prestashop, WordPress, Tilda and other platforms

━ catalogue sites with flexible filters

━ responsive layout with complex animation

━ landings on constructors and templates with unique designs and content

Database Integrations

━ automation of business processes via website

━ development of payment systems

━ development of personal accounts and admin panels

━ any LEAD surveys and online questionnaires

━ two-way integrations with databases

━ setting up transfers requests to CRM systems

━ payment systems with calculators

Database Integrations
Atypical techniques and “smart” forms

Atypical techniques and “smart” forms

━ development of highly loaded systems and services

━ platforms for multi-brand online stores with smart filtering

━ any functionality for cloud computing in real time

━ floor plans with filters and categories

━ various techniques for working with the shopping basket

Examples of websites developed by us:

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